Board Member

We invite you to explore the benefits of having a digital marketing and strategy specialist serve as a Board Observer or Non-Executive Director (NED) in your company. Lee Woodman, our resident expert, blends technical acumen with marketing know-how, fostering growth and innovation for your business.

Digital Awareness: Lee’s deep understanding of the online landscape allows your company to effectively navigate the digital era. By fostering a culture of digital fluency, your business is better equipped to sustain innovation and progress in your digital transformation journey.

Strategic Business Alignment: With a strong commercial insight, Lee ensures that your marketing strategies resonate with your broader business goals. This integrated approach facilitates the alignment of company’s vision, growth and ROI, reinforcing your company’s strategic decision-making process.

Technical Expertise and Marketing Acumen: Lee’s technical background simplifies the intricacies of modern marketing technologies, optimising your digital infrastructure for enhanced performance. This proficiency, coupled with a robust marketing experience, helps identify potential avenues for growth, aiding your company in amplifying customer acquisition and retention.

Leadership Guidance: As a Board Observer or NED, Lee provides meaningful insights and advice to your company’s leadership team, promoting a unified and result-oriented approach to digital marketing and strategy. This unique viewpoint enables more comprehensive decision-making and effective strategic planning.

We look forward to discussing how Lee’s unique blend of digital expertise and strategic vision could benefit your company as a Board Observer or Non-Executive Director. Let’s navigate the journey towards growth together. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to begin the conversation.